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Private instruction, or one on one (1:1) personal instruction, AND Mysore engagements/classes are exactly the same method of teaching and learning this practice. Both are individualized learning and teaching of the Ashtanga Yoga system to each and every person, customized to where they are in time and space. Krista meets you where you are regarding physical health, wellness and capabilities such as flexibility, strength, balance and agility; understanding of the body/mind connection, and control of your breath; any prior knowledge or exposure to yoga and, if so, what type; if not, other kinds of body movements or sports, flexibility, strength, proprioception, and so much more.

In a 1:1 meeting, the 60-120 minutes is 100% yours. We’ll work solely on YOU, based on your needs, desires and physical abilities at that moment. Perhaps you have an injury to heal, a diet you’d welcome counsel on, or questions about your practice. Maybe you’d like to pull apart a yoga pose so YOU can understand it better. We’ll do it all.

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The Yoga Shala, an Ashtanga Yoga studio in beautiful Winter Park, Florida (near Orlando and its College Park area), was established from a passion to give yoga to the world and connect people with a true yogic lineage. It continues to grow in response to members of our community who find [Ashtanga] yoga to be intimidating yet intriguing, and want to be included in its many healing benefits. Our goal is to foster a lighthearted, non-dogmatic, warm and encouraging environment, free of competition and expectations to fit within the westernized mold of yoga. We aim to provide the highest quality yoga instruction in our yoga studio, and ensure that it is accessible to all, regardless of experience. Our highly-knowledgeable teachers focus on individual instruction through one-on-one attention, encouragement and personalized adjustments. Their skill, passion for their students, and personal appreciation for the gifts of yoga create the unique environment that is the foundation of our community.