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8-Week Program: Heart-Wise Living -- Moving Beyond the Mind

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Compared with the heart, our minds are blunt and brute force tools to achieving a fulfilling, meaningful, and soul-aligned life. Why? Because the mind is programmed by our social, economic, academic, familial, and political programs and belief systems. As a result, we try to use these programs outlast our upbringing but no longer feel resonant and we arrive at a place in life where we feel disconnected from our purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. This is where a heart-wise journey comes into effect. The heart’s wisdom is a more powerful tool to elevate your connection to yourself, others, and a more purposeful life.

In this 8-week program, you’ll learn how to (1) connect with your heart, (2) uncover blocks that hold you back from honoring your heart’s wisdom, and (3) witnessing the power of heart-wise living. You’ll also learn to embody presence and self-awareness by identifying subtle patterns, hidden shadows, and personal traumas that weigh down your heart so that you can transition into a more heart-forward life. This program will include short lectures and readings, applicable techniques, office hours, partner practices, and complementary homework to support attendees’ progress.

This program is created by Kelly Suttell, an Integrative Healing Facilitator and co-founder of Yoga for Life and inspired by Kelly’s 15+ years of wellness journey. Kelly will cover topics influenced by Eastern philosophy, shamanic practices, spiritual coaching, and energy medicine. Kelly has studied and applied a variety of modalities in her own healing process and believes a heart-connection is fundamental to well-being and overall joy in life.

  • Dates: Jan 5, 2023 – Feb 16, 2023, meets on Thursdays from 630-830PM, 
  • Office hours on Tuesdays from 6-7PM.
  • Cost: $320
  • Inclusions: Course, course handbook, alternating bi-weekly office hours and partner practices for 1:1 support

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